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"Bringing intuition to life with a gentle touch"

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Who is Intuitive Hearts International?

Batool Arjomand


Batool Arjomand is an intuitive educator who brings success, without exception, to all her students. Coming from a position of pure love and positive regard for human kind, her presence rekindles the intuition and inner knowing in us all to what is right, just and true. Working extensively in the Middle East, Batool believes that in every child, of all ages, is a diamond just waiting to be discovered and nurtured to the full. Her presence brings ease to all. She brings a hope for the human spirit and its natural goodness within all humanity.


Amanda Dentler



Amanda Dentler is a magnet for intuitive hearted children and intuitive hearted adults. Students seeking to reach their highest potential blossom in her presence and, through their own inner strength, reach their highest goals. Amanda believes that equality of contribution is the basis of positive learning and believes that every child and every adult can succeed. Working throughout the US and the Middle East, her ability to understand and ‘draw out’ requires an intuitive mind and intuitive presence. It is a gift, she believes, that we all possess.


Peter Williams



Peter Williams is an intuitive educator who sees the inner wealth, inner beauty and highest potential in all. His interest in intuition began around 20 years ago, when he discovered intuition as the common thread that enhances creativity, raises human potential and uplifts human kind’s contribution to our world. Peter travels extensively throughout the world and believes that humanity has reached a turning point where our human spirit, inner world and intuition based on the noblest of values offers one of our best hopes for positive change. His warm hearted approach attracts oneself to their own naturalness and intuition.

Together, they are Intuitive Hearts International

On location for the Indira Gandhi National Open University Management Day in Kuwait, May 2007
On location for the
Indira Gandhi National Open University Management Day
in Kuwait
May 2007


Intuitive Hearts International Ltd. is a registered UK educational company

Batool Arjomand – Brief Bio
Batool Arjomand is an Educational Consultant and Director of Intuitive Hearts International. She is committed to encouraging and assisting people to open their hearts to themselves and others in order to find peace, love, and joy in their lives.
With her great power to connect and communicate with people, it is her joy to consciously co-create with everyone a sacred space for continued spiritual awakening, transformation, healing and growth.
As a consultant, she firmly believes that guidance always takes one out of one’s fears and limitations into greater levels of peace, understanding, joy and love.
Batool has been an intuitive teacher and educator for many years. Throughout her career, she has been able to introduce the great power of opening hearts and intuition to her students and colleagues. She knows it very well that the more one opens one’s consciousness to embrace new ideas, the more one feels one’s heart open and the more one experiences peace and joy in life.
E mail: Batool@ihint.org

Amanda Dentler – Brief Bio
As an Educational Consultant and Director of Intuitive Hearts International, Amanda is committed to nurturing all aspects of human character.
With her roots being firmly planted in the Earth, she appreciates life at all levels and firmly believes that life loves to live and feels most alive when supporting nature and its peaceful cycle.
As a product of international living she has witnessed both destruction and creation and by following the natural rhythm of harmony has learnt to selflessly dance for them both.
Amanda is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Sustainable International Development as she continues to work towards a more intuitive world.
E mail: Amanda@ihint.org

Peter Williams – Brief Bio
Peter is Director of Intuitive Hearts International and, as an international educational consultant for the last 25 years, is committed to nurturing the gifts, talents and innate goodness in everyone.
Peter was previously UK representative to the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, Head Teacher and Principal of schools in Oxford, London and Kuwait and has led numerous programmes to foster values-based and intuitive education in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.
As an author and visiting professor, his quest for giving, learning, sharing and understanding the depths of intuition is never ending.
E mail: Peter@ihint.org


"Intuition is the invisible eye of love"
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