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"Bringing intuition to life with a gentle touch"

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Mission Statement

Intuitive Hearts International brings intuition to life with a gentle touch.

Our Aims

Our universal aims for all nationalities, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds are:

To rekindle the diamond of intuition, learning, giving and being in us all.
To add authenticity to our naturalness and creative potential.
To appreciate and help develop the natural gifts and talents in us all.
To offer hope and practical expression for a better world based on the universal values of love, peace, happiness and truth.
To help uplift the human spirit to feel at home with its inner wealth and inner beauty,
To strengthen the contribution and feeling of self worth that we bring through our presence, and
To bring and give encouragement, empowerment and practical awareness in a gentle, clear and thought provoking way.

Intuition is a gentle breeze through your feelings.

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"Intuition carries a beautiful presence of you"
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