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Resources for the Self

Intuitive Hearts International invites you to take time out each day -preferably very early in the morning and in the evening - to get ‘in touch’ with the beauty of your true self.

By taking ‘time out’ each day, we can learn to remember the beauty of our presence, how precious we are, and in silence and reflection, discover that the intuitive heart can be heard in its own way.

If you wish to begin or deepen getting ‘in touch with your inner self’ – simply find a quiet and comfortable place to be with yourself, and, with soft music of your choice - or sitting in nature – or in silence - relax, switch off and let the chatter in your mind come and go and gently fall away.

You may wish to reflect on one intuition quote from anywhere on the website or a positive thought of your own choosing.

Alternatively, you may wish to choose one letter from the word ‘Precious’ – below - and reflect upon all or part of any one statement.

In time, you will feel your inner beauty, your inner glow and, through silence, come to love your true self – your intuitive heart - with the joy that you already have and deserve. Enjoy the journey! It will be different for everyone.

After your time for silence and reflection - remember to wriggle your fingers and toes and come back into ‘the now’!

You are Precious

P is for your Presence and for your Peaceful Nature, Pure Love and Personality.
R is for your Royal Regard for Self Respect, Respect for All and for the Living Natural World and Mother Earth around us.
E is for your Energy of Giving and Creating a Loving Atmosphere filled with Warmth and Gentleness.
C is for your Child-like Nature of Lightness, Playfulness and Cheerfulness.
I is for your Innocence with your Inner Glow, Inner Diamond and Intuitive Heart.
O is for Being at One with Wonder, Life, Thoughts, Feelings, Living Powers and simply Who you are.
U is for You – Just being wonderful you full of an Inner Beauty that shines on the inside and shows itself on the outside,
S is for you being so, so, so special – a spirit, a soul – with an inner and outer smile.

Source: The Kamcheska Stories full of innocence, wonder and adventure
written by Peter Williams with illustrations by Batool Arjomand.
Publication expected October 2008

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Books and Music

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Acknowledgment for pictures, music, quotations and website design

Pictures: Amanda Dentler, Amir Simkesh, Bubyan Photo Company, Nasa, and National Geographic.

Slide Show: Crystal Rain

I’m Alive       : Celine Dion with slide show
Crystal Rain : European Artist Unknown with resource page and picture gallery

Quotations: Batool Arjomand and Peter Williams

Website Design: Monika Bhagat

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A Giving Message

Intuitive Hearts International offers all its programs and information on its website as a service to the community..

All programmes and information are offered on the understanding that all benefits and experiences belong to each individual.

Intuitive Hearts International would like to thank family, friends, Mother Earth, the World Community and the True Home of our Higher Intuitive Selves for the inspirations and teachings that are shared on this website.

Intuitive Hearts International wishes peace, joy and happiness to all who seek their inner beauty and intuitive heart.

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"Intuition is a precious gift to yourself"
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